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Hardware & Maintenance


Computer Support Services throughout the years has developed many channels with all major suppliers, offering the ability to supply almost any hardware solutions that you require

System Audit

Do you know the health of your IT Systems? Do you have your systems documented in case of an emergency. Time and time again Computer Support Services have taken over a support contract and not been able to locate any documentation about the system. This is never normally an issue to the users until the unexpected happens. Would you be able to login to your own system should your support company stop trading? Do you know what data is backed up (If at all)? Computer Support services start your support contract by performing a complete audit of your system, and once this audit is complete then we provide you with a digital copy for your piece of mind.

We will also liaise with your users to identify any problems they encounter first hand. We are constantly and repeatedly amazed when we visit new clients of how inefficient even the basic systems are configured, not up to date and even unsecured.

Don’t get us wrong, we do not generate work for works sake, we want to ensure that your systems work to their optimum capability thus minimising any downtime, productivity, loss (of data and therefore earnings) and of course expense.

We will discuss what options If we find any problems then we will recommend what should be done and give you a price for the work. Obviously after seeing the professional and friendly way we operate we are sure that when you do want to go ahead you will want to use us.

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